Right way of livingĀ 

How long on this planet women will  have to go through the pain of being a woman. No matter how hard she tries but still that beast in a man will keep chasing her and she she will have to try hard to learn the ways to protect herself and sometimes if she can’t she will have to be the victim of a man’s  beastly behavior and then the painful memories will keep haunting her whole of her life till she is alive. Why? In the history of the planet women have never raped a man but in all the histories of the world  there is no place where a woman is not victimized in the hands of a man.when the days will come on this planet when women will also be able to walk like a man , she will also feel as safe as a man when she enters any place ? When men on this planet will guarantee  all the women that they are safe? Ferocious animals are not only in jungles,in the body of humans there are ferocious men on the planet whom women can’t recognize and many times become the  victims . Those men who can’t control their instincts  should never forget that their mother , daughter and sister are also women and they are here just because of them on this planet and  should never raise there eyes on women.To all the Mothers, teachers and religious gurus that when they start preaching anything the first and the most important thing they should teach every men that their foremost duty and religion is to respect and protect women and always whenever a men on the planet raises eyes on women he should have respect .Men should practice every day deep meditation and should less indulge in those things like smoking , drinking, and drugs which aggravates the basic instinct in them and many times in such conditions women get victimized. Above all religion is humanity and humanity comes when we respect every being  with immense love and respect  and let every one live with their own wishes within  right way.


Right way of understanding

Every being is born wth a special identity of its own weather it’s a child, man, woman, animal, bird or any other species . We are born with a special plan and with lot of nature’s special  help  to complete the karma of our life which is a very special gift to us.when we will understand the utmost importance of our life then only we will be able to understand the importance of every life . Why men do this , why females do this  if we tangle ourselves in all the questions which are beyond our mind then we will  not be able to understand our own birth which we are born as . A man will remain a man and what a man is capable of creating a women can never and a women will remain a women  and what a women is capable of  nurturing a man can never  . Both are so special in their own ways and if we all accept it the way it is the society will be very very balanced and our children our generations will able to handle all relations much more easier.