Right teacher

Every being  is our teacher some we seek knowledge some we subconsciously attract, very often we learn by just observing what others do, they may sometimes completely unaware  of their teachings  . Question arises who is perfect teacher? On this planet  it’s very difficult to find who is perfect cause a perfect being will never  be here cause it’s journey of life whoever completes it perfectly will not be here. So we have to become perfect by seeking knowledge from every imperfect being. If we keep finding faults in our teachers then we will  not be able to  climb up . We all should  bow our head  with heartful  gratitude to  every being who somehow or the other teaches us something everyday .


Right way of upliftment

Which way we want to uplift ourselves whether it’s through body or  through soul , we have to uplift cause the life is  very very  precious  and deep  down we all are aware  of the fact that after all the fun and enjoyment  we still look for something which will give us immense peace and long  lasting  happiness  ,  after satisfying the requirements of  body  our concentration  goes towards  our soul  , our soul. Which is the only carrier which will remain with us till we fully uplift ourselves . While working for our body  for one moment also we  shouldn’t forget our soul  .