Right way of living

We have to learn to live in the present moment. There is no answer to what if? No one in the past or no one in the present or future will be able to find the answer and solution to what if ? When the moment is in front of us very naturally we become stronger and learn to live it and if at times we become weak then at that moment out of blues an angel will appear to give us solace and will help us to come out of that distressful time or will help us that we will learn to live with it . By thinking about what if it will happen we cannot ruin all our beautiful moments of present life. We never realize that whenever we are in pain it's not only us who are suffering but all our dear ones suffer more then us when they find us in any kind of pain.why we have to ruin everything by stressing our mind and body for finding the answers of those unseen and unsolved questions which are the imagination of our own dreams or some fear which haunts us. If strongly we believe in the power of the universe and nature and always try our best to be natural then we can always be happy and contented.


Right way of livingĀ 

When we all know life is unpredictable then also we keep preparing for the next moment because somewhere in all our hearts faith is alive we know there is someone who is giving us a chance to live and continue the journey of our life though while walking we are commiting many mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Till when our mistakes will be ignored that we have to decide and do our duty is to keep gaining knowledge about what is right and peaceful for us as well for others. While walking we all should never ignore the fact that every being is like us and they all want to live happy and without disturbance the way we all want for ourselves so it is our duty that we don’t cause any harm to living beings.



Few days before I read somewhere a helping hand is better then praying. Indeed helping anyone in need is the kindest act . When we pray silently with faith and love , it is also service to all the beings on the planet . Without doing anything we do a lot by praying . Whenever we sit for prayer we disconnect all our worldly actions and. Whenever we are not performing any act at least During that time we are not at all harming any life on the planet. Praying everyday gives a lot of positivity to our daily routine oriented life . We all should make it our habit to pray everyday . How we can’t live without food like that prayer should also be the most important part of our daily life . We can accumulate and send positive vibes to the universe by praying with peace.


Purpose of life

The right way of living is to be committed to the lives of other beings. Its about the journey made with those who really need our affection , our love and our help. Its about achieving dreams for those who are deprived in many ways; providing protection, offering solutions to their never ending problems and helping them live life with the right way of living. We are gifted beings, we have everything , the only thing we need is right focus and a perfect mind to understand that we are here on this planet with special duties . We can’t waste our precious life doing nothing . We have to look after ourselves , so that we gain the strength to fulfill our duties as humans. Understanding the purpose of life is very simple it’s just that sometimes we become reluctant and lazy, and we make it complicated and pretend not to understand life. The purpose of our life is not difficult,it is to live our life to help those who really need our love and support



What is right way of living , most of the time whatever we do , we justify that we are doing right. Unless and until we are not harming any being , we are right. But that’s not all our inner self is always asking for. The way we need food for our body like that prayer and meditation is the very good source to heal our inner soul . Every day we should take out time from our busy schdule and sit quietly to pray for the well being of every soul on this planet. We are gifted with everything but on this planet lots of lives our suffering beyond our imagination . We can’t reach every where , but our prayers can in the form of positive energy. Lets all start from today and sit for prayer .


Senses (part 2)

The right way of living only defines the right religion. Any person who is following any religion are following the right way of living. If we follow any wrong practice with religion it means that we aren’t following the religion properly. Using all our five senses sensibly will slowly help us turn into a religious soul. The way out body need food, in the same way our soul needs religion.

Firstly lets talk about our most important sense – taste. It is good to develop a taste as Mother Nature has gifted us such delicious food in the form of plants. We get the sign to collect these foods when they are ripe. These plant foods have all the qualities to heal our mind and soul.

Killing innocent animals for our soul is strictly prohibited. It is our moral duty to respect every life that want life like us. When we kill animals for our food we inflict so much pain on them and we take that pain with us when we consume those foods. In the long term, we will experience the same pain in the form of different diseases and sorrows. It is the simple law if nature – as we sow so shall we reap.

Love every being!



Strong faith in the power of our creator can answer all our unanswerable questions; Who I am?, What is the purpose of my existence? , What are we here on this earth for?. We don’t have to go so deep to find out the answers because the answer is very simple, that we are born special, with five strong senses and if you make use of these five strong senses we can lead the way to receive positive energy, which is all that matters if you want to live a harmonious and happy life. Let us not allow any negative thoughts to come near us, because we are not poor animals, we are humans and our first duty is to have compassion towards every being on this earth.