Right way of living

All our actions only decides the sweet or sour taste of our fruits nothing better can be done unless we keep gaining right knowledge. Knowledge is the only tool , through knowledge only we will be able to differentiate between right and wrong but while gaining knowledge we will have to keep our ego at side and have to accept if some actions are wrong then they are wrong . Pain can be felt by each and every being and every being is going through pain cause all wants to feel the immense satisfaction of living the life .We cannot gain anything in this life without giving pain to ourselves . When we all are going through enough pain to live and experience the beautiful journey of our life then let's all decide that at least we will not be the cause of pain to others cause every being is going through enough pain and if we will also give pain to them then just think how they will be able live the life on their on terms and experience their part of life . Who has given us the right to deprive any being from its right to live? Do share the message to the world 🌎🙏



Happiness is the most important for all of us but at what cost we all want happiness. Today in the news paper when I went through this news that in Macau the authorities have culled some 80000 live birds so that peole don’t get influenza . We human are the most intelligent species on this planet but when there is a threat to our happiness. We can stoop to any low levels to save ourselves or save our happiness. How can we not stop eating those poor creature if they are threat to our lives. How long we keep killing them?Why can’t we stop eating them.? food gives us happiness and fulfillment but how can we get nourishment by killing those beings Just because they can’ raise their voice we can’t be cruel to innocent beings.Our own people if by mistake also get any harm we become so angry but wha. About other beings? We have to think and spread this message to the world that happiness is important not only for us but every being wants to live with their part of happiness.😊



Right way of living starts with freedom of thought . We all love freedom, we respect freedom, but when it comes for the other beings we forget what freedom means to them. the way we love freedom like that every being on this planet have the right to live. We have no right to snatch the right Of freedom from other beings just because they don’t have sense of expression like us. The law of nature is that whatever. We crave for us first we have to learn to give to others , then only we will be able to enjoy it and we will be blessed . We keep innocent birds in the cages just for our selfish happiness without realizing they have feathers to fly freely in the sky. It is more fun to see them enjoying the ride of the sky rather then keeping them in the cages. When we will realize the small rights of the innocent beings on this planet Very soon we will be the happiest beings in this planet. We have to Use our senses for right purpose then only we will be called sensible beings.


Senses (part 2)

The right way of living only defines the right religion. Any person who is following any religion are following the right way of living. If we follow any wrong practice with religion it means that we aren’t following the religion properly. Using all our five senses sensibly will slowly help us turn into a religious soul. The way out body need food, in the same way our soul needs religion.

Firstly lets talk about our most important sense – taste. It is good to develop a taste as Mother Nature has gifted us such delicious food in the form of plants. We get the sign to collect these foods when they are ripe. These plant foods have all the qualities to heal our mind and soul.

Killing innocent animals for our soul is strictly prohibited. It is our moral duty to respect every life that want life like us. When we kill animals for our food we inflict so much pain on them and we take that pain with us when we consume those foods. In the long term, we will experience the same pain in the form of different diseases and sorrows. It is the simple law if nature – as we sow so shall we reap.

Love every being!



Strong faith in the power of our creator can answer all our unanswerable questions; Who I am?, What is the purpose of my existence? , What are we here on this earth for?. We don’t have to go so deep to find out the answers because the answer is very simple, that we are born special, with five strong senses and if you make use of these five strong senses we can lead the way to receive positive energy, which is all that matters if you want to live a harmonious and happy life. Let us not allow any negative thoughts to come near us, because we are not poor animals, we are humans and our first duty is to have compassion towards every being on this earth.