Right way of living

Humans have the capabilities to built computers so just imagine how much talent is hidden inside our brains but one thing is for sure that many of us can think only average and many among us can think beyond average there is no comparison all are different with different thoughts but there is only one thought which makes the whole human race think alike and that is power to reach to the ultimate peace and for that we all are striving hard cause no matter how much we earn and no matter how much we spend but we all feel solace when our hard earned money is use for helping and for a good cause. We all are working hard to leave something inspirational behind , All is fair but not at the cost of dishonesty , fraud, loot,scruples behavior .we all can achieve what we want but with honesty and hard work cause this is what we all want our generations to learn from us. If success is slow doesn’t matter but success achieved with honesty really matters .