Right way of sacrifice

The real motive of our life is to live every second  with a humble sacrificing thought  our journey of life will be successful if we are  willing to give with love and  devotion . Many rituals  are completed  on this planet by taking the life of innocent beings  on the name of God. How can we have such a mind when we are consider as the most intelligent species on the planet . Such a simple thing if we will not understand  how we will able to complete the journey of our life ? 



Sacrifice , the most difficult action . When we can’t sacrifice many wrong habits for our own welfare then what is the use of our sacrifices ? If we are born as humans with all five senses. Then it’s our duty to respect and love our life as humans. We have no right to punish ourselves by indulging in any thing which is harmful for us. When we know the difference between wrong and right then we can’t do anything wrong to our own self .



Among all our relations the most loving relation is our parents . Our parents without them we would have no existence on this planet, if we remember this much also during all our life then we can understand and respect all our relations. Our parents help us the most to live a happy and dignified life. As we grow many times we forget the sacrifices they have made to make our life beautiful . At every step of life our parents always gives us their blessings so that we lead a good life . We all should always try and give them the most special place in our hearts as well in our lives . As we grow May be we have new ideas new technology but love and warmth of our parents cannot be felt anywhere. During all our achievements and when we feel down we need their hands on our heads . Love of our parents is the most precious. We allShould understand it more and more As we grow and always respect their loving feelings towards us.