Right way of livingĀ 

We are born to live with relatives, society,friends, animals, plants . When we learn to live with each and every being who lives around us   With peace and harmony  then only we will be able to understand our true nature  that how much peaceful, loving, kind , balanced  and learned  person we are. Living all alone and then considering ourselves very peaceful is  not the true nature of our soul, living with all but still peaceful within  will be the right analyse of our nature.


Right way of upliftment

Which way we want to uplift ourselves whether it’s through body or  through soul , we have to uplift cause the life is  very very  precious  and deep  down we all are aware  of the fact that after all the fun and enjoyment  we still look for something which will give us immense peace and long  lasting  happiness  ,  after satisfying the requirements of  body  our concentration  goes towards  our soul  , our soul. Which is the only carrier which will remain with us till we fully uplift ourselves . While working for our body  for one moment also we  shouldn’t forget our soul  .