Right way of livingĀ 

Nothing can stop from what is destined to  happen.only the action from  our side can change the course of our life. If our actions are done without the ingredient call ego they will bring so mush fragrance into our life as well as others.we just have to work on how we can improve our actions and our feelings behind  every action done. Without act their is no life and without beautiful life we are never content or happy. While acting we have to keep improving our performance from inside out.We are all working towards making our life good for us as well for others.we have to be very very cautious that we don’t cause pain and chaos while proving our point .we always have to keep reminding  ourselves  if we want to live so do others .


Right way of upliftment

Which way we want to uplift ourselves whether it’s through body or  through soul , we have to uplift cause the life is  very very  precious  and deep  down we all are aware  of the fact that after all the fun and enjoyment  we still look for something which will give us immense peace and long  lasting  happiness  ,  after satisfying the requirements of  body  our concentration  goes towards  our soul  , our soul. Which is the only carrier which will remain with us till we fully uplift ourselves . While working for our body  for one moment also we  shouldn’t forget our soul  .


Right way of living

we are the mirror  for our younger generations  . Whatever examples we will set for them they  will follow it. Every religion in the world teaches one  common thing that is to follow the right way  to live.  We are all confuse which is the right way? What is the right religion?  which has immense love and peace for the whole planet , which never teaches us any kind of vices,  which helps us in our  real difficult times  when all the door are closed , Right way , right karma, right thought  ,right behaviour helps us . We have to understand the difference between right and wrong .