Right way of livingĀ 

Whenever anything good happens around us we all-feel like   becoming the part of that goodness. Who doesn’t want to live happy and content life? It’s just many time in our life we walk slightly out of the track and loose our focus and hurt many beings around us, and for those  mistakes we keep repenting  that how we did it and why we did it, once anything is done we cannot bring it back but we can always  ask for forgiveness, which  can be the  most humble  act from our side after hurting anyone out of rage or by being senseless  something which we never want to do or by mistake we do it. Being part of good  always keeps us happy we always gets new energy to work for the whole day and can have very sound and contended sleep. Question arises where to find always good? We don’t have to go around to find good or best it’s just all the acts  from our side should be of that  level that they don’t hurt anyone. And whenever anyone does anything good we just have to appreciate and encourage them , the fragrance of the brand called Good  will keep spreading and will make the life of millions beings fragrant.


Right way of living

Every soul has the powe to reach the highest level of satisfaction, whatever we experience whether bad or good we experience from our own actions so while doing good if in life we hurt anyone anywhere  we should just bow down within no time by shedding our ego and ask for forgiveness no matter what,by doing this day by day we feel more and more lighter and can always have a sound sleep at the end of the day and at the end of our life .