Right way of living

To have desires is a basic human instinct but to fulfill desires always expect from the other being is a complete no. Every human has desires but that doesn’t mean at all that we destroy the freedom of the other beings and feel satisfied that wow! My desires are fulfilled,For our passions we have to find the solutions others have their own. Hard work is the key to all the passions and all the instincts, No matter how much others give us but it doesn’t give us the zest which we get from the day we work and we get it ourselves. We have seen many people they have everything people around them are providing them every possible comfort but can always see the feeling of dissatisfaction on their faces it’s because they are not getting anything by themselves someone else is providing it to them. We shouldn’t let anyone rule us we are the rulers of our own happiness and we all should try our best to make ourselves that much stronger that till the day we are in on the planet we can enjoy every bit of life on our own good terms.