Right way of living 

There are carvings, paintings and statues of Animals all around us, but he way we are all exploiting the Animals it’s really heart breaking. How we don’t like Anyone forcing us for the things which we don’t like same way Animals also has a say which normal humans cannot understand but a very kind heart will sure understand the amount of pain we all inflict on them by being so cruel.saving the  life of any being is the kindest and most humble act.Integrated efforts from the side of every human is required to tackle the problem of cruelty towards Animals.various fields of spiritual knowledge across the globe is needed to come forward to shape a society where we all feel the pain behind being cruel to any being. Peace is needed everywhere whether it’s in our home , city, country , or the planet.when we stop killing any being then only we can be called  in true sense a peaceful being. We always  started all the experiments on Animals to find the safest life . So let’s all start this first experiment to spread peace all around us by being never cruel to any animal.


Right way oliving

Just finished reading an article about Myanmar’s elephants being killed for skin care remedies.these poor elephants are killed or smuggled alive to be used in the tourist industry in neighboring  Thailand and majority of it goes to feed neighboring China’s taste for exotic animals.when humans will understand the value of life Is as precious for other beings as they think it for themselves. Humans talk about values, kindness, humanity, nature, life , God, karma, soul, happiness, love for animals , pets but when their own selfish motives comes they forget everything and can go to any extent to do any Cruelity towards any being. We can cure the deadliest disease also with those ingredients in which there is immense love and  no killings involve . How can we have flawless skin and good health by killing innocent beings and what fun we will have by getting something in which so much cruelty is involve . We all are interested in gaining right knowledge but while doing so we really forget that actually right knowledge comes when we also live happily and let others also live with peace and happiness . We all should spread this message of kindness to  whoever we can at least we will able to do something right .