Right way of living

Cruelty towards any innocent being kills all our humanity, cruelty is cruelty no matter whether we kill a small being or a big one, cause when we commit a crime we are the culprit. How can we go in search of happiness when we don't know it's meaning that happiness is same for every being . If anyone snatches our right to live how offended we become we start cursing that person from inside and sometimes on face too. Do we ever realize that we have five senses so we are capable To fight but how about those who can't speak how can we be so beast like and kill beings .


Right way of livingĀ 

There are carvings, paintings and statues of Animals all around us, but he way we are all exploiting the Animals it’s really heart breaking. How we don’t like Anyone forcing us for the things which we don’t like same way Animals also has a say which normal humans cannot understand but a very kind heart will sure understand the amount of pain we all inflict on them by being so cruel.saving the  life of any being is the kindest and most humble act.Integrated efforts from the side of every human is required to tackle the problem of cruelty towards Animals.various fields of spiritual knowledge across the globe is needed to come forward to shape a society where we all feel the pain behind being cruel to any being. Peace is needed everywhere whether it’s in our home , city, country , or the planet.when we stop killing any being then only we can be called  in true sense a peaceful being. We always  started all the experiments on Animals to find the safest life . So let’s all start this first experiment to spread peace all around us by being never cruel to any animal.