Right way of living

We have to be very careful while choosing our food cause whatever is input the output will be same. Food should be very simple so that our stomach can digest it easily and we also feel comfortable the whole day, a very simple recipe but very healthy and can be cooked easily with simple easily available ingredients anywhere in the world . Lentil soup with market fresh seasonal vegetables and boil rice . Ingredients–Yellow lentil washed and soaked nicely, carrots, sweet guard, green beans, all washed and cubed, rice, salt , green chilli , curry leaves if available, and red chilli powder.Lemon for taste. Olive oil optional. First boil the lentil in a pan till it is soft now add all the cubed vegetables inside the lentil and boil till the vegetables are soft For taste now add chopped green chilli, curry leaves , salt and chilli powder according to taste and let the lentil enhance the flavor of all the spices so let it simmer for some time when you think it’s done properly close the gas and if you want add some lemon and little olive oil and serve hot with boil rice . Complete meal and you can always change different vegetables and lentils to give variety to your food .


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