Right way of living

The most important thing which we all don’t have to forget is our health, To live life with joy Good health is the most important thing , many of us are fortunate to born with healthy genes and Many of us have to struggle to live as born genetically with diseases. We all want to live no matter How much we have to struggle but all of us want to do the best in our life. Good health comes from disciplined life and eating three to four small but healthy meals in a day but if we remember to watch every time we eat our meal and if we plan every meal in advance then we can really do wonders to our health and we can save our self from those sternuos workouts and doctor’s bills if we start paying heed to our food and life style. My every post in 2019 will be an inspiration to me as well to all my freinds who all take out their time from their busy schedule and read whatever I want to share with them. It’s not necessary that to stay healthy we need all the expensive food in the super market. Simple seasonal vegetables, seasonal grains and cereals and simple cooking with mild spices can do wonders to our cooking and our health. Wait for my next post will talk about how with simple ingredients we can make our cooking versatile and healthy.


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