Right way of living trees

When we stay near nature and look at it minutely we realize that how small seeds turn into big huge trees, in the midth of very cold, very hot , too much rain, typhoons, heat waves , they learn to survive on their own because in the jungles their is no one to look after them they learn to survive and they turn into such huge trees and then they give shelter and fruits to unlimited beings for many many years.on the other hand when we rope seeds in our pots at home and give them the utmost care, on time plant food, water everything on time still we can just turn the tree into a bonchai, Nature always teaches us the best and gives us the signs to love right, We shouldn’t try to pamper any being too much, we should just try and give wings to people around us and then let them grow on their own, they will be much wiser and healthier, create healthy and pleasant atmosphere around , stop destroying the natural resources, stop playing with nature too much and then we can see the beautiful world which we all are craving for around us .


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