Right way of living

Whatever is input that is output. Whatever we put inside our body through our mouth turns into some kind of energy to heal our body, any cereal, fruits, vegetables, we put inside our system, it turns everything into energy for us, how wonderful our body is how intelligent all our organs are, it’s just we have to concentrate deeply to look within us to find all our answers no one is capable to satisfy us but we ourselves can find each and every answer we have coming from our own mind, no matter how much we feed our brains with but within some time there is some one else with a new technology new ideas, something new is always there,If we give ten people same ingredients to make a particular dish, it’s most unlikely that they all will make same dish, though the ingredients are same but the flavor and the look of the dish will sure be different from the other one.knowledge is like sky and sea there is no end , it’s just deep and deep, how much we gain there is more,to learn. Concentrating on our own self is very important to learn right and be happy in life.


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