Right way of living

The best part of our life is when we start working towards honesty and then learn the true art of giving to the society, it’s not important how much we are giving it’s important how we are giving. Everybeing is born to act and then have the deep instinct of giving back but to fulfill this instinct many of us follow the path which is not right and we indulge in unscrupulous means of earning, with that earning if we are giving unlimited things also , it’s of no use cause it’s a saying wrong will always cultivate wrong , no matter how hard we try.Earn less , give less but earn with honesty and give with a big heart, it’s ok if it’s apiece of a bread or a fruit.we all should remember that it’s not only us who wants to work and give it’s each and every being on the planet, so only thing which we all have to learn is to work with honesty, and when giving don’t think if it’s like a tiny seed but the outcome should be like a huge tree which live for many years and give shade and sweet fruits to millions of living beings .


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