Right way of living

Today I was reading that old story about Genie and Aladdin, this wonderful story demonstrates how our whole life and everything around us has been created by us, the Genie has simply answered all our commands, which is law of attraction, which is always present and always listens to everything we think, we speak, and we act ,The Genie assumes that everything we think about we want, that everything we speak about we want,that everything we act upon is what we want , we are the master of the universe and the Genie is there to serve us, he never question our commands,the moment we think and the Genie immediately begins to leverage the universe, through people, circumstances, events and keep fulfilling our wishes.we are Alldin , we are the one who always asks for what we want,our guardian, our angel, our higher self we can put any label on it and can choose the one that works best for us, every tradition has told us there’s something bigger than us. And that Genie says always one thing :your wish is my command.


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