Right way of living

Real battle field is our own mind, we have so much going inside our brain many questions , many dreams and many more and to fight all these things are not easy it’s same how in the army the soldiers are given toughest training so that they can win their enemies easily, we all also have to make our selves so strong by adopting discipline and right living so that we can prepare ourselves to fight all the odd things in our life and can adopt the even in our life easily.if we can fight all our vices and really understand that by adopting a disciplined and well planned day we can take care of all around us in a much easier and proper way so the first thing in life we have to learn is to make our self strong enough to help others, when we sit in a flight the first thing we are told is to during the time of turbulence first you wear the mask that indicates if we are not strong how we can help others so we cannot be healthy and strong in just one day if we are blessed with resources then we should use them in a wiser way so that we can always be able to help those who really need our help,satisfaction of life can only be felt if we are of some use to others otherwise we always feel distressed within and crave for happiness and peace, joyand peace can never be felt by annoying others but it can come to us easily we we all learn this simple art of giving like soldiers,but for that we have to be strong like soldiers .


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