Right way of living

When we are Fifty or sixty years old if we really want to see how youngsters are struggling to make their life worth while then being elders it’s our duty to be with them talk to them about their problems and their views and always share our own life experiences with them In Such a way that they can really learn from it and can make their future worth living and they can also pass it on to their juniors. Now the question arises how we can give them time during those years when they are away from home to study or for jobs or to enjoy the freedom so that they can understand life better, when we leave our children for universities or for future job planning it’s the duty of us to be with them in between and spend some quality time with them while giving them life lessons and talking with them about discipline, culture, faith, meditation and letting them know how while living and struggling these things can help them cope with peer pressure, stress and many more difficulties which they all face during their time when they are away from home and family, The world is really different for our children they are all living in the world where technology is at its highest peek, they all spend most of their time on laptops, mobiles and many types of machines, their life is way different from us but deep down we all know they have no option so now it’s our duty to teach them how they can live a balanced and healthy life while doing so, we should teach them the right way of eating healthy not mere by talking but rather we should time to time cook healthy meals for them and eat with them, share with them the importance of healthy diet in their life, Spend time with them by taking them out of their routine life and spend quality time in the abode of nature and teach them the importance of nature, that how important it is to be outdoors for fresh oxygen for our organs, share the importance of natural foods and fruits and gift them all natural things time to time so that they include these things in their life style.teaching them is not easy but it’s not impossible if being parents our performance is good cause mere words can’t teach, practical is very important .


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