Right way of living

Millions of people wants to learn yoga and lots of yoga gurus are emerging everyday but I wonder if any of them have ever thought of teaching us the first step of yoga, which is to live a disciplined life and to wake up early in the morning and perform yoga empty stomach, half of our life’s problems will fade away if we all learn to wake up as early as possible in the morning and practice yoga with meditation 🧘‍♀️. Performing yoga anytime is impossible because if the stomach is not empty all the moves of yoga will have adverse effects on our whole system. So if one really wants to learn yoga with its benefits then the first step is to be an early riser and open all your windows inhale the fresh breeze and the energy of the rising 🌞 sun.will talk about the next step in my next blog till then practice waking up early I bet you will feel the new energy inside your system.


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