Right way of living

Hi, it’s monsoon time and many of us are going through coughs colds and fever because monsoon times germs easily breed in any food and causes many types of harmful bacteria so all of us have to be very very cautious while eating out and cooking our food.we have to make sure that all our food is thoroughly washed and well cooked and it’s always advisable to eat hot food and light food during monsoon season.There is a secret ingredient in every kitchen and if some of us don’t have it,can buy it from any super market that ingredient is turmeric, it’s an Indian spice widely use in every Indian kitchen yellow powder and in India it’s called Haldi, Everyday in boiling water just put quarter teaspoon of turmeric and have it empty stomach everyday. it’s a wonderful healing agent for many small ailments and helps in building strong metabolic rate in the body. Just be cautious if your have too much heat inside your body then just have little less but it’s a wonderful ingredient and if taken daily sure your visits to doctors will be less,


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