Right way of living

Is it the world of knowledge or ignorance?In our olden times people used to live hundred of years drinking water from wells and ponds and today though there is mineral water but still there are no minerals in our body and doctors prescribe each and everyone vitamins and minerals pills, olden days by eating mere simple form of oils and butter people-never complain of dangerous diseases but Today, though we are facilitated with double and triple filter butter and oils but still at such young age people are dying of heart and cholesterol problems, Before simple salt and simple wheat breads also made people stronger enough to work hard but today iodized salt and organic wheat also can’t-provide that energy to our youth to work day and night,Olden females were so strong that easily they could give birth to as many babies they wanted but for today’s females conceiving one child is also become a task,How many brands , how many organic products and how many claiming to be very healthy products are introduced in the market but still our youth is unhappy sad and depressed, why? Every day new technology, still we are finding the ways to go back to our roots,and all the organic olden authentic products are more expensive and we all are craving for that, it’s a proven fact all which is freshly cooked and freshly grown is the best for us.we have to learn from our ancestors the right ways to live happy and healthy. How our forefathers,our mothers or grannies, made life easier for them by simple living, we all should try and follow them, we shouldn’t get carried away by every product and every thing which is introduced in the market always believe in simple fresh homemade food with simple ingredients-which can help us live a lovely healthy and happy life. Formula to live happy is to care for others happiness and never create anything fake which takes away the happiness from others life.


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