Right way of living

We are born a beautiful selfless lovely child but over the time we built so much inside that when we leave we are a strong egoistic being, why can’t when we leave we are the same selfless lovely child?it’s really a very difficult task for all of us but lots can be achieved if we try from the day we are born, now the question arises small child will follow what he or she has been taught. The duty of every guardian is to teach such values without question to children that they learn to live happy healthy and balanced life and by the time they grow they have so much positivity inside them that negativity of the world will least affect them. The whole world is celebrating yoga day, since from many centuries in India people are practicing yoga to make themselves spiritually and mentally strong and balanced so that they can overcome all the adversities in their life, we all should introduce yoga and meditation to our children the day they step into this world if we really want to see change in their lives.There is a vast magazine of power and knowledge within all of us, It’s just we have to remain active in the multifarious activities of our life so to keep our mind steadfast in the universe we all have to be be focused, and will have to introduce love and generosity to our children. We will have to built self confidence,independent judgement powers,indomitable will and make them practice self control and self mastery and without too much arguments make them strive for self realization. Yoga is believed to open every part of our mind body and soul, it stimulates self love trust, loving kindness to others and unconditional love and destroys all diseases and awakens our inner energy which travels from mind to body and ultimately to the soul. On this yoga dayinspire all the beings around us to practice some kind of yoga and meditation in their daily routine.so that all can live a happy and peaceful life, and we all can live happily when we see peace and happiness all around us.


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