Right way of living

Nature and being natural is the ultimate destination of every being. No matter how much make up and make over we do with our face and body but we will never get the satisfaction cause it’s not our true self which we are trying to show to the world and not our confidence with our real self . When we will be able to face the world with all our natural self with full confidence-then only we will be able to complete our journey of life with full satisfaction. Holding a brand name bag but at the cost of what? Wearing brand name shoe but at the cost of whose life, eating exquisite meals at posh restaurant but at the cost of whose life , unless and until we will not be able to think over these things in our day Today life our mental balance will beimbalanced, to balance it we seek the help of professionals but no one will be able to give us inner happiness and peace unless we seek help within by simply looking at those things we do unknowingly but hurt many beings and in real it’s not at all necessary cause we can still enjoy our life fully with everything but just be little non ignorant about our actions.


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