Right way of living

Whenever read articles about the pain in the life of us humans of our world always wish to help, but then every one has their limitation and of course no one will agree with your point of view cause most of the people believe that if you have a particular degree in that field then only you can give suggestions otherwise no one wants to hear your story and suggestions . I feel experience and reading helps any human to understand many things and with their experience and good thought process even though if they don’t have degrees but still they can help many people in distress.so whenever we face problems in our life and someone mature and experienced person if tries to calm us down by their advice I think we must give heed to their advice I’m sure it will really help the person who is facing pain.For example just now I was reading an article in south China morning post about how people feel depressed because of exczema and many of them loose confidence to live life. Felt really sad and would love to advice those who all are going through this pain is that their is solution to every problem if we make up our mind that no matter what but I will try my best to eradicate exczema from my life.people who are suffering from skin diseases should stop all milk products and non vegetarian food from their menu. They should start following a very strict vegetarian plant and grains based diet and I assure you that very soon within a month only you will be able to see the improvement in your skin but you have to motivate to follow it strictly.


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