Right way of living

We all have to take care of our body cause it’s the only place where we have to live in. Taking care of our body doesn’t neccesarily mean that only non vegetarian food is healthy and without it people can’t live a healthy life,The strongest of the animals on the planet are also vegetarian for example Elephant, Horse, bull,Donkey, cows, goat and there are many more animals and birds who just survive on plant food diet and they are the strongest on the planet. We humans learn a lot from nature and nature has immense sources of plant food for each and every being . We have to understand the power of plant food for our health and spiritual being and will have to understand that killing any being for any purpose is not right and we are no one to snatch the right of living from any being . Whatever we want to experience every life on the planet also wants to experience the same freedom to live. We will have to experience the same pain which we give to other beings mercilessly for our food, lots of chefs in their cuisine kill animals to show their culinary skills and they don’t realize while doing so how much pain they inflict on innocent beings. Happiness, money at the cost of what? Killing us never accepted no matter what. We are born with a fierce need for freedom and so do every being we have to remember it in our day Today life and while doing anything.


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