Right way of living

Sometimes resting from daily routine is must cause too much of everything is the cause of troubles so let’s talk about food, sometimes fasting from daily routine is very important, fasting helps in giving rest to our digestive system and also we can beat our addictions and can normalize our insulin sensitivity, Our body is like a machin so sometimes giving rest to machine is very very important, when we fast we give rest to all our body organs and it helps in fighting many diseases in our body, now the question arises what type of fast we all should do, fasting can be done from an hour to twenty four hours, to practice fasting we should start with an hour everyday, and slowly increase the time of fasting, during fasting time just use Luke warm water. Slowly we will see our selves more stronger and patient cause when we are fasting we are helping the planet in many ways and in return the universe sends us back the good energy, so freinds practice fasting at least for sometime everyday, results are amazing .


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