Right way of living

Every advice given will have a different reaction, for eg. We advice three people that don’t leave your food in the plate after you finish your meal.All will listen and will give different answer like one person will say I have the habit of leaving some food as on the planet lots of beings besides human are looking for food and It’s my habit to leave food so that someone can eat it , the other person will take the advice and will say yes I never leave the food as it is bought with hard earned money so I respect the every particle of food been served, the third person will also reacts and will answer I never believe in wasting a particle of food in the plate and rather after eating I wash my plate so that there is no particle left in the plate cause I believe if a small particle also left for a longer time the germ starts breeding,All three have different reaction to the advice given but the deep motive behind all these three beings is very very kind. On this planet we have to accept that every being will live according to their own wish everyone can’t follow what is being said but till the motive, the perspective behind every act is unselfish we can live happily.


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