Right way of living

Fire and ice both have the same power to heal when it’s cold fire is needed and when it’s hot ice is needed ,so what’s the use of these slogans that women are super or men are super . The truth is that both are incomplete without each other’s support so if a woman knows that because of a women a man can become a-beast then it’s the duty of the women to upbring her male child in such a way that he always respects the identity of women and never ever think of misbehaving with a women. Women should also respect the feelings of a man because they are also born with some instincts and if women will keep targeting them in a wrong way then one day women will cry because a man is complete because a women completes himand a women is complete cause a man completes her. Respect each other and live with nature the way nature has sculptured all of us we have to respect every identity. No one is less and no one is super.All are equal and sometimes it’s more appropriate to become someone’s shadow and walk life will be really beautiful .


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