Right way of living

One thing which can never be changed for any being on the planet is that every being wants to contribute something to the world and the whole journey of life is about how we can contribute towards the society we are living in How much we all need to eat to live we all are very much aware of the fact that if too much then we will have the problem of indigestion so no one wants for themselves. Everyone wants to achieve to help the world in some or the other way that instinct of doing good to others is so intense that many times in our life we tend to get money by wrong means and we tend to hurt others to make someone happy. The main issue in our life is to learn to earn in a right manner and with cautiousness cause may be by earning less we will not be able to help many but with our right money and an honest intention if we will be able to satisfy some then also our living on the planet is worthy of univers’s expectations.It doesn’t matter if we will not be able to touch the heart of millions but with the kindness and love if we will be able to touch five hearts then also our work is done cause love prevails in a much better and much faster way from heart to heart.


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