Right way of living

Just sit relax and think why we are born as humans and why not a cockroach or an ant whom many of us kill mercilessly but why can’t anyone even touch us? What’s the reason ? The reason can be many, but one answer is for sure that we are not born to kill cause we have five senses and we can’t deny it. Happy and healthy can be lived and loved when we understand the importance of being human and as a human what is our foremost duty? Mind is constantly using the energy from the food we take and acting in different directions. Our entire thought process and actions our hatred our negative thoughts, our positive thoughts. Anger, happiness everything depends on the type of food we take , we can control all our thought process in a very positive direction if our food intake is plant based. Killing any being is prohibited in the books of love and peace . Try and live a life where food can be grown on the planet but not in a Mother,s womb. Immense happiness can be felt when the food is pure and plant base .share the thought because if we able to save one life also then the blessings are uncountable 😘😘


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