Right way of living

Today the world of Jainism is celebrating the birthday of the greatest soul on the planet Lord Mahavir the greatest soul who was born to be a king but when saw the immense pain on the planet left everything behind and went into the search of happiness and peace for every being , after years of hard penance he couldn’t do anything to eradicate the pain of beings but After living with nature without food for many many years he understood that what we give we get and sohe gave the message to the whole universe that live and let all live and we all will have to face the consequences of our own deeds no matter what so we all have to be aware of all our actions and don’t have to kill smallest of being also for our pleasures . Love, peace, kindness, compassion towards every being these are the virtues of living a happy life.wish to spread his message around the globe so that there is less suffering and More peace šŸ™


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