Right way of living

Right food, what is right? What is healthy?how by eating right we can live a happy and balanced life,but many of us are confused what exactly is right and healthy. So to learn to eat right we will have to learn to spend some time with beautiful nature cause when we spend time with nature the nature Gift us lots of oxygen to breath fresh. Trees teaches us lots of patience when we watch how the fruits on the tres keeps falling as they ripe and how a big huge tree keeps giving shade and home to thousands of birds without any noice so we learn the law of nature of giving without any expectations. Nature teaches us don’t try to take any life for food cause the trees have in abundant for all of us to eat and be healthy. Lots of fruits lots of vegetables lots of herbs all are enough to keep us healthy we don’t need any other life to eat.only plants and vegetables are enough to keep us fulfilled . Don’t kill any being for food be a real human and recognize humanity by sticking to vegetarian food.


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