Right way of living

Why should we eat plant base diet? Millions of people will have this question in their mind, As we grow our craving for knowledge also grows,their are many who wants to understand the energy behind their body whom we all call soul.what we eat plays a very important role in our understanding everything around us but it is only when we want to gain knowledge and understand otherwise it doesn’t matter for those who are just doing and eating everything because they just think that they want to survive on the planet on their own terms then nothing much matters to them.when we start understanding the word being then only we will understand the importance of being on the planet.Food plays a very important role in nurturing our body but it’s not at all important to have a healthy body on the cost of killing other living beings.It is a proven fact that plant based foods are good source for healing the body, mind and soul. Many Doctors are treating the diseases with the help of plant based foods cause they believe that these foods provide good nutrient and provide extra benefits such as phytochemicals and antoxidants and can have a miraculous very positive effect on recovering many patients who are suffering.In June the (AMA) American Medical Association adopted a resolution calling on the US hospitals to provide a variety of healthy food including plant based meals to improve the over all health of the patients.


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