Right way of living

What is input will be output. We can’t cry over the split milk. When the milk is in it’s best form that time we have to take precautions so that the milk stays longer and fresh.our life is also like that when we want best for our coming generation our children then before bringing them into this world we have to be very careful . To nurture a new life we have to stay away from all the vices then only we will have a healthy and happy life.we have to follow a healthy life style and have to follow a healthy life pattern if we really feel that we should be blessed with a happy and healthy child. A small mistake from our side can put a very bad impact on the body and mind of our child and once the child comes also in this world then also all our life we will have to look after them . If we really want to stay from all the tensions of nurturing a baby then we should follow a good pattern of life. Smoking, drugs, alcohol, anger, frustration all these are vices and can put adverse effects on the health of the child.


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