Right way of living

The best food , the most nutritious , healthy, and which has lots of blessings in it is our own mother’ milk. It’s truly and proven fact that if a child is fed by its mother for two years from the day it’s born will live a healthy life afterwards and has a much better IQ level .once we are grown up we don’t have to forget that once we can walk there is other mother who always let us walk on it and that is our planet earth who is always providing nutritious healthy fruits , vegetables and grains. So once we leave one mother’s food we should always depend on the food provided by the other mother and sure we will live a happy and healthy life. We don’t have the right to kill any being cause they all also want to live like us and by killing we are not putting anything in our body just the heeps and cry of those beings who don’t have the voice like us to stop us when we inflict pain upon them. Whatever we give always comes back to us in some or the other way . Think twice before killing any being for pleasure and food.


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