Right way of living

We all are craving for knowledge and to gain knowledge we use all our best resources and we seek the help of the knowledgeable people around to gain knowledge for living. To gain knowledge for living is to exchange money cause our purpose is to gain knowledge and then with the help of that we earn a decent living for us.when it comes to spirituality it’s all different cause for gaining spiritual knowledge we should never take the help of those who are giving spiritual knowledge to make money cause an spiritually inclined person will never use his knowledgeable powers to make money he will use it to help people to be spiritualy rich.we all have to be aware of those people around us who betray innocent people and give them many temptations of heaven and scare them by telling them the stories of hell such people are curse for whole society and everyone should spread this message around the globe that our soul can never be satisfied by matearialistic things and any one with matearilistic instincts cannot satisfy our spiritual mind. There is only power of the Universe which plans for us and we have to understand the simple law of it and that is what we sow so shall we reap.Every being on the planet is responsible for its own actions no one can create a heaven for us we are ourselves the creator of Heaven and hell for us.


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