Right way of living

The plan of universe is unbelievable, we believe in many religions we can shed our blood on the name of religion we believe in. Cause our basic instinct is to go and oppose the other and most of the time we all think what we are doing is perfect so all should follow us. Why should we follow anyone when we know that right is right and wrong is wrong. Universe has its perfect plan every wrong deed we are doing we will have to pay for it in some or the other way , we all are aware of this simple law but still we ignore the highest religion of the universe and keep indulging our mind in all those things which has no meaning . Simplest theory of life is that before indulging in smallest sin also we have to be cautious and if possible avoid doing it and if by mistake we commit sins while doing it we should always have guilt that oh I have to do it but it’s wrong . The thought will also help us and it’s sure that one day we will be scared to commit any sin. When we free ourselves from doing wrong automatically we enjoy more and more peace how much pain we give to others it always come back to us in some or the other way so the biggest religion , the right way is to live and let others also live with peace.


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