Right way of living

We have to learn to live in the present moment. There is no answer to what if? No one in the past or no one in the present or future will be able to find the answer and solution to what if ? When the moment is in front of us very naturally we become stronger and learn to live it and if at times we become weak then at that moment out of blues an angel will appear to give us solace and will help us to come out of that distressful time or will help us that we will learn to live with it . By thinking about what if it will happen we cannot ruin all our beautiful moments of present life. We never realize that whenever we are in pain it's not only us who are suffering but all our dear ones suffer more then us when they find us in any kind of pain.why we have to ruin everything by stressing our mind and body for finding the answers of those unseen and unsolved questions which are the imagination of our own dreams or some fear which haunts us. If strongly we believe in the power of the universe and nature and always try our best to be natural then we can always be happy and contented.


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