Right way of living

All our actions only decides the sweet or sour taste of our fruits nothing better can be done unless we keep gaining right knowledge. Knowledge is the only tool , through knowledge only we will be able to differentiate between right and wrong but while gaining knowledge we will have to keep our ego at side and have to accept if some actions are wrong then they are wrong . Pain can be felt by each and every being and every being is going through pain cause all wants to feel the immense satisfaction of living the life .We cannot gain anything in this life without giving pain to ourselves . When we all are going through enough pain to live and experience the beautiful journey of our life then let's all decide that at least we will not be the cause of pain to others cause every being is going through enough pain and if we will also give pain to them then just think how they will be able live the life on their on terms and experience their part of life . Who has given us the right to deprive any being from its right to live? Do share the message to the world 🌎🙏


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