Right way of living

When the sun comes in the morning it gives life to all the living beings the heat the light gives us new energy to start our day and that same sun when goes behind the moon gives us so much coolness so much peace from the dark night the beautiful moon light gives so much solace to everyone's heart and mind then where are we looking for the wonders of the universe everyday we can feel the energy all around us and can take it in side our body as much as we want as much time we spend with the wonders of the universe our life can be so wonderful and beautiful. Nature is our best Doctor it can heal our many critical problems if everyday we make it a point that no matter what but I will spend some of my precious time with it so if we don't get time to spend in the sun then the moon is always there just go and sit outside in the moonlight because the energy is always there in different forms. We can feel immense peace and coolness when we connect ourselves to the beautiful, wonderful nature , There will never be any emptiness in our life if we start connecting our selves to more and more with the natural colourful wonders of the universe.


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