Right way of living 

We all love the nature,the surroundings around any house  is consider to be auspicious if it has lots of greenery, sea or river or lake or mountains then we feel that it’s the best house. To enjoy nature sometimes once a month or one in two months or three months we take a break and spend our hard earn money to enjoy the surroundings of nature. It’s good to take a break from our work and relax it’s very important to relax our mind after hard work . But isn’t it would be wonderful if we all start thinking and investing some of our money to create more and more natural surroundings around us and stop those who are destroying it, Once a week if we all start  spending some of our time to grow plant in pots or whatever we can do to grow them around us there are many techniques to grow plants in small surroundings also  what if everyday we keep some water and some seeds for those lovely birds whose sounds if early in the morning goes in our ears it’s call a real blessing . What if every day we start giving something to the beautiful nature who has given us in abundance can’t we do something to stop destroying and learn something everyday so that we can spend every day some of our special time with it .just imagine when we go near natural surroundings how fresh we feel but how awesome it  would be if we  have these natural surroundings around us.. Nature is so kind to us by giving us everything we want to live healthy and happy. We should try to learn the techniques of growing plants and trees and should stop eating all those processed food which are taking away all our health and happiness of long and beautiful life we will have to learn to stay around natural surroundings and natural food which is the best for all beings. Mother is always kind it will keep giving its children no matter what so being children it’s our duty to protect our Mother Earth  our mother planet . 


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