Right way of living 

Every situation can be turned into a spiritual retreat if we understand the need to live in that moment cause we have no other option.Every moment every person every act every moment teaches us Something.if we think that our journey is incomplete without the right knowledge. All the activities which brings pain to us as well to others should be forbidden as we want to experience  eternal happiness.we have to schedule our meal times our working hours and recreational time.The desire for any act which brings pain to others should be forbidden as we want to live a guilt free life. When we gain right kind of knowledge we will be able to differentiate between good and bad act and will fast able to understand the reasons behind our sufferings cause we will be able to analyze for our own self that what we are doing is right or wrong,included us everyone has bad and good within ,now it’s up to us what we are looking for  how we have to complete the journey of our life. Every being has a guru within but still we do not want to follow the inner voice the inner  urge to act with love and kindness. Once we overcome that fear  which is forcing us to kill animals and eat them,fear of losing our beauty and health the   misconception that only Animal food can give nutrition to the human diets it’s all the outcome of human tool now we have to use our own tool to understand and change the misconception of non veg food and start giving importance to vegetarian diet.The burden of killing is not restricted to only humans it’s for every being.


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