Right way of living

Life is all about living with satisfaction but we -cannot  be satisfied in our life till we make other’s life a hell. Who has given us the rights to kill other beings ? We look for happiness we look for peace we look for gurus to find inner peace happiness and spirituality. We live in a world where we just want to believe those things which are easier to follow and we do not want to look and think over those things which are totally wrong on human perspective.if we  are humans in true sense and if we really want to experience true humanity. Then the first thing which all those humans who are killing animals for their food have to stop this practice of killing any being for their food . We will not have to find any guru to find inner peace and happiness cause half of the battle of happiness will be achieved when we will stop giving pain to others for our own food. Try and experience this simple method of peace and immense happiness and I’m sure in one day only you will feel the difference the guilt of killing will be erased from your heart and you will be at so much peace within yourself it’s just have to learn to control your food buds and for food you have to look at nature ‘s creation for food . Green plants, fruits and vegetables are enough to keep any being healthy and happy and we can live a religiously happy and contented life without any guilt of everyday killings.never give any being that much pain that our life become a curse because of the pain we inflict upon them.


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