Right way of living 

The compassionate world begins from us.It is based on understanding and respect, If  we want happiness and not suffering then compassion plays a key role in our life.on this planet every being like us feels the pain acutely.It doesn’t matter who looks what , attractive, unattractive, friendly, introvert, animal, human doesn’t matter till all have feelings,the bottom line is that they all can feel the pain and happiness like us.Every being crave peace and happiness and do not want to suffer any pain. Everyone has the same  right to overcome suffering, and be happy in whatever life they have got.Genuine compassion will begin to show when we treat everyone same. It is the most difficult practice but not impossible to achieve. We all can develop compassion if we start respecting our own life and stop all the practices which are harmful for our life, once our mind and body is clean from outside and inside then only we will able to see through the pain of all other beings.


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