Right way of living 

Most of the time in our life whenever some one does something we try and find what was lacking behind while doing so we always missed the best part, the efforts someone has put in to make that thing so special so different to make us feel special and contended. We all  can’t reach everywhere but we are trying to make everything the best that’s what we all are trying ,the best in our life so while someone does anything special we always have to look at the best part cause that way only we learn good things faster then the bad ones and we become a better human being.celebrate every moment of life but while doing so just remember that by mistake also we don’t hurt the tiniest beings. May We all get the right knowledge so that for any celebration we don’t snatch the living rights the happiness of other beings.Celebration cannot be called celebration if killing of any being is involve in that celebration.Lets all together celebrate every moment but remember to be cautious  cause what we sow so shell  we reap.


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