The fear of losing the fear of living  which possibly resides in all of us what is the cause of that fear? The real cause is when without realizing we give pain we scare  others by being unkind will keep making us a fearful person for sure. Many  things keeps bothering us while living and the biggest is killing an innocent mute being for our pleasure. Pleasure can never be felt for a longer time if  that is gained by  giving pain . Life Will go on,the sensation of life is very very fragile, being kind help us to put our focus on helping and saving other helpless beings.If we all want to stay at a level of happiness then we have to keep trying that we keep making others also smile with our kindest gestures. The theory of life is give and take whatever we give we get if we want a brand then  we have to pay a higher price so it’s up to us what we want from our life .


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