Right way of living 

Writing and sharing something good doesn't mean that in any way I'm more knowledgeable or I know what others don't know or I have got the answers of all my inquisitivities , that doesn't mean in any way that I'm a intellectual person or I know more then anyone it's just the day we are born our journey of learning starts and we all keep learning something or the other from those whoever we meet in our life and whatever we do and whatever culture we get from the day we are born. We all want to share all the right things and right knowledge which helps us to incline in our life. The knowledge which gives us peace, happiness , satisfaction and which always stops us from being a cruel person is right knowledge and if we are living with it then we should share our thoughts with the world cause we don't know who is waitingt to read something good everyday.Myfather advised me that your suggestions are not always welcome but there are lots of around the globe who are craving for knowledge every moment and writing your good thoughts is the best option if you really wants to share your knowledge with the world. I respect my father for giving me right advice cause it always works. We don't know how long we will be on the planet but till we live we must share the knowledge which helps us to live contented life. Right things,knowledge and faith is all around us and we can gain ftom it how much we we can.it's just while living our life we have to remember to use that knowledge so that our life becomes more and more happier and satisfactory .we become more and more suttle beings and in any situation we have immense patience within and can face everything in life as it is destined.living life is like a race but when we start living life with deep faith then its call graceful living.


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