Right way of living 

Let's all together try  and spread the message around  the globe  that to be vegetarian is the best form of right way of living cause killing any being for our food can not be tight in any way, no matter how much anyone convinces us but when nature has gifted us in abundance the multi colored  lovely grains , fruits and vegetables and has gifted us the ideas to grow as much as we want then why should we kill any being and get cursed for the whole life till we are alive , we all can live a very happy and healthy life by eating all delicious grains , fruits and vegetables . It's just our mind which we all need to change and shift it to being a vegetarian being . We all are finding the answers for our sorrows and sufferings may be if we stop killing any being mercilessly for our food then half of our sufferings will be sure lessen. Our mind  body and soul all works acording to our food intake,so if our food is pure then sure we can uplift ourselves in a much better way. When we kill anybeing for our food we don't realize how much pain we inflict on it and after that when we consume it again how much pain we take inside our system, It's just we have to understand and shift our mind towards a pure vegetarian diet. We think we know the difference between right and wrong but the reality is that many times we just ignore because of our taste buds.Its very simple if we really want to follow and understand the true meaning of being a kind and peaceful being. Right religion, right prayer, right meditation everything lies within being a right human .


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